How's it going everybody? I decided to add an archive tab to make it easier for viewers to pick out a specific comic they would like to read. Inside are the links to the individual comic pages. The default blogger archive box is still on the side for those who prefer that method.

Also I will be adding Fireman as our first member into the Rogues Gallery! So check back soon to see his character bio in the Rogues Gallery tab!

Edit: If you've been browsing the site today you may have noticed things looking a little crazy. I've been adjusting the page widths trying to get them to where I want them. My biggest thing against blogger lately is that my comic strips are never big enough, and when they are big enough they don't fit into the background boxes. It's been a struggle. But thanks for the patience as I get the site to where I want it!

Edit again: I think the problem is with my formatting. But the good news is I think I like the layout of this weeks comic enough to make that a consistent format. So from now on you should be seeing a 4 panel 1000  x 400 sized comic every week. The first two comics will have to be the ugly ducklings for now until I reformat those to match. But that's where we are at right now! 


Hey! Just so you know, we have a page on facebook! So you can like us if you like us! The link is...

Also we have a twitter. I'm not big on twitter because my attitude towards it used to be meh. But I'll try to keep both updated regularly!


Well the first strip just went live yesterday and I've spent the rest of the evening trying to organize this site into different sections. I'm still trying to figure blogger out. Apparently you can add pages but you can't just add posts the same way you can with main blog, which is where I'm posting the comic strips. But anyways, as I try to get educated in the ways of Blogger, here's a rundown of the different sections...

Comic Strip: This is where you can read the comic. Duh. I'm reading about how to make it so that there are buttons on top where you can click First/Back/Next for easier navigation. That should come soon.

News: That's this section! This is just where I'll post news about the comic which probably won't happen very often. In fact, this may be the only post you will see here. But if something does happen that you really need to know about this is where you will find that information!

Our Heroes: This is a bio section for our two heroes (and any other good guys who may come in the future) to give readers an idea of who they are. Since they are the focal point of the series they get a separate section from the...

Rogues Gallery: When Flabman and Twig come across a super villain, their bios will be added here.

Fan Mail: This section has the email address you can send fan mail to!

About: Just tells you what the comic is about.

That's about all the news I have for right now. I hope you enjoy Flabman and Twig!

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