Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Fat Knight



I got to see The Dark Knight Rises over the weekend. Wowsers it was good! Lately I've felt kind of burnt out from all the superhero movies but I've always been a big Batman fan. The animated series was one of my favorite shows growing up and I loved all the movies. Although when I was younger I didn't realize how bad Batman and Robin was. Yikes! And I do like Batman Forever. Yes, I said it! I think that was the first Batman movie I ever saw now that I think about it.

So the anticipation had been driving me crazy! But shoot, now that it's over I don't have anything to look forward to! First Star Wars and now Batman! I mean, they are going to reboot Batman eventually but I don't really want them to do it. At least not for many years. It's the reboots that have me burnt out too (even though it was my favorite Batman movie, Batman Begins, that sort of started the trend.) How many movies dedicated to origin stories do we need? I only need one per franchise. I heard somewhere awhile back that they were going to reboot Green Lantern after one movie. I'm not a Green Lantern expert but I always thought he was neat and had cool powers. With that said, I wasn't fond of the movie but I'd almost rather see a sequel knock the first movie out of the park instead of just starting over every time a movie doesn't live up to expectations. Just try to make things better without starting over! But I understand studios trying to build a franchise and it is hard to build one with bad eggs. The problem is once you see a bad movie it cannot be unseen. People remember it. It's not like one can delete a movie from existence.

Although Green Lantern would be easier to reboot since Green Lantern isn't just one character. There have been several different Green Lanterns. And I have my own ideas of how they could keep making Batman movies without necessarily starting over but I can't say because of spoilers. So why mention it? I dont' know.

Anyway, that quickly snowballed into a rant... and that rant shall never happen ever again because this is a webcomic not a blog (Even though there's blogger written all over it.) I do think it's important to supplement the strip with some thoughts and insight to the creative process. I mean, there is a reason for every strip that I create and really this comic was inspired by seeing that movie. Also I'm seeing how four panels looks as opposed to three. I feel like four is the way to go but we'll see.

I was very sad to hear about the tragedy in Colorado that happened during the midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises. That sort of thing should never happen. Period. And our prayers are with those people and their families.

Thanks for reading!

Christopher Dobbs Jr.

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