Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Crime Hat


The ending to this story reminds me of how my university put a ban on sidewalk chalk. I think the reasoning was they didn't want the campus looking "cluttered." So where am I supposed to play Hopscotch now? It was a pretty ridiculous issue at the time and something that shouldn't have been a big deal but was. It only takes one rain storm to wash off! But perhaps they felt that sidewalk chalk is a gateway drug to spray paint graffiti. Who knows? But I had a few friends who were upset because they couldn't pretend to be Banksy and the world was spared from their silliness that day...

This week we introduce The Crime Hat! Every once and a while our heroes will draw a crime from the hat and they will attempt to stop whatever they pick out. More realistically though (since they can't do anything without me drawing them) I think I'll start drawing crimes from a hat and basing my strip on chance. Sometimes you have to roll the dice a bit and who knows what the Crime Hat will choose as the comic strip of the week! Vegas style baby!

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