Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Date Night


I keep telling my friends about this really good Asian Buffet in my hometown. It has a huge variety of food and the quality matches the quantity. It would just blow your mind how much food is there. I remember when they first opened and I had never seen so many smiles before in one place. Everyone looked like they stumbled into the Cave of Wonders and we're feasting their eyes on mountains of gold. They were all kind of hefty too. I think those were the people that had already been there awhile though.

They have everything you would want from an Asian Buffet. They have sushi, crab, craw-fish, oysters, prime rib, RICE!!!, and just about everything else you would find in a Chinese Buffet times ten. And I tell people this and they are never impressed. They say to me "so it's just another Chinese buffet?" No it is not!

Then I tell them there is a chocolate fountain... AND EVERYONE LOSES THEIR MINDS! They get mad at me for not telling them sooner as if I was holding out on them and all of a sudden our lives depend on eating there immediately! It's just insane. I think a chocolate fountain is kind of cool. But is it cooler than a mountain of crab legs? Or all the prime rib you can eat? Nah. But it's still kind of cool. 

I guess the key to owning a successful restaurant is to have a chocolate fountain. It increases the classiness of your establishment ten fold. So get one if you haven't already! Customers won't be able to resist...

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